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Phone Zap!

Participate in a Phone Zap! on Wednesday May 10, 2023 from 1PM to 2PM. 

J4Q&C will be calling the developer (Armaan Salek, president of Skale Developments), the planner (David McKay), the architects (Ralph Gianonne/Pina Petricone), and the lawyer (David Bronskill) to demand safe, healthy, and affordable housing for Parkdale at 1375 Queen Street West! 

The plan is to meet IRL ("in real life") at the site, located at 1375 Queen Street West (next to Full Worth and across from Loga's) and call the Skale Developments team together. There is also the option to make calls/emails remotely if you can't make it to the site.  

An extended script/prompt can be found here.

phone zap! zine and poster

100+ zines that introduce J4Q&C and the concept of a Phone Zap! are being distributed throughout the neighbourhood. Hard copies of the zine can be found at: Grocery Coffee, Larry's Folly, Gold Standard Queen Street, Capital Espresso, Gallery 1313, Toronto Zine Library (soon!), and more. 

If you would like a hard copy, please email 1375coalition@gmail.com. Similarly, you can download the Phone Zap! Zine here and print 11x17 black-and-white/double-sided.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with this project!

zine page one

zine page two

zine page three

zine page four/five

zine page six/seven

zine page eight