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The Justice for Queen and Close Exhibit (2022)

The Justice for Queen and Close Exhibit is an effort to depict the contrast in developer renderings of 1375 Queen Street West and the community ideation of what the site could be used for, a stark contrast of the dreams that Parkdalians hold and their material reality due to the financialization of housing.

Justice for Queen and Close coalition found that Skale Developments promised five different times that they would build affordable housing at the development at 1375 Queen Street West, yet have confirmed that Skale has no intention of creating that affordable housing. Further, the site was previously a gas station and there has been zero transparency about whether there has been any environmental remediation of the site.

This exhibit is a tribute to the site, commonly referred to as “the lot across from Loga’s” or “the site next to Full Worth” it has also been used as an informal market space for Parkdalians to sell their goods. We have been waiting 19 years for affordable housing at this site, and now we need it more than ever. This is especially the case with the Province’s current attempts at deregulating the development sector and the lack of affordable homes for the people of Toronto.

The Justice for Queen and Close coalition says NO to this development until Skale follows through on their promises to provide affordable housing, with a minimum of 15 affordable units (30% of their units), and cleans up any contamination left behind from the gas station that previously occupied this site.

Don’t “Skale” back back on safe, healthy, and affordable housing. 

Video by artist Sophia Jaworski

A part of the Justice for Queen and Close Exhibit at The Public Studio, this video hosts snapshots of 1375 Queen Street West at different moments during its history and community renderings of what the site could become. This is a site of local economies, of resistance, of an opportunity for a community, and a city, that needs deeply affordable and safe housing.

Image of the outside of The Public Studio, 58 Lansdowne Ave in Parkdale. Stop Skale Developments!

The exhibit was viewable in The Public Studio window gallery from Nov 18 - Dec 11, 2022.