What is Justice for Queen and Close? 

Justice for Queen and Close is a community coalition formed to make sure Skale Developments honours its promises to Parkdale residents and the City of Toronto to build healthy, safe, and affordable housing in its proposed mixed-use development at 1375 Queen Street West in Toronto (located at the corner of Queen Street West and Close Avenue in South Parkdale).

Skale must be held accountable for its obligations to meet basic environmental reporting requirements -- due to the high potential of ground contamination on this site from its previous use as a gas station -- and its five distinct promises to include affordable housing units at this site.

The City has confirmed that Skale has not upheld any of these commitments.

The Justice for Queen and Close coalition says NO to this development until Skale follows through on their promises to provide affordable housing, with a minimum of 15 affordable units (30% of their units), and cleans up any contamination left behind from the gas station that previously occupied this site.

We call on Skale Developments to include local decent work provisions on this site and other community benefits. We call on the City of Toronto to support the efforts of the Parkdale community to achieve affordable housing and other community benefits goals on this site and across the neighbourhood as set out in the Parkdale Community Benefits Framework.